A Way To Lose Weight – There’s More Ways Than One

Do you ever think that there’s only one way to lose weight? You could either diet, or exercise. There are studies that confirm that changes in dietary consumption, eating less bad fats (like rancid oils and trans fatty acids)and unhealthy carbohydrates to be more specific, is more effective than having changes in exercise routines.
Losing weight takes a holistic approach using body, mind and spirit. It takes sometimes repairing your thyroid gland so you can create the right hormones (like human growth hormone and testosterone) in order to have that body you want.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as diet and exercise. Now for some people it can be. They can simply stop eating the simple sugars and that changes the game for them. For others it takes balancing hormones and increasing metabolism by doing very specific exercises and nutritional program.

What type of person are you? Well only you can answer that question. Only you know what has worked in the past and what your body might respond to in the future.

There are a lot of studies that compared the weight loss results between dieting and exercising. Most of the times, weight loss focused on dietary changes produces two to three times more weight loss compared to programs concentrating on exercising.

It’s true, diet is king and exercise is queen. Since making dietary changes is more difficult than sweating it out at the gym, people opt to spend all their time in the gym doing aerobic exercises like running, biking and using the elliptical machine rather than trying to change their diets.

Why is this so?

It’s because the body typically has parasites, candida (fungus and yeast overgrowth) and other bad organisms that crave sugars. When you’re addicted to and crave desserts like ice-cream, you’re actually feeding parasites that live in your colon and large intestine that are eating before you do. Gross huh. People would rather eat a hamburger, fries and a coke and work extra hard at the gym.

It’s a crazy mindset. If you control you diet, you control your life.

That means no more workouts that are exhausting and cause you to throw up because you’re so fatigued.
Think about this, it’s not a lack of working out and lifting weights that got you to this place is it? You’re not fat or even obese because you didn’t workout hard enough. You’re overweight because of the foods you ate.

Like I said: Control your diet, control you life…

Formula To Losing Weight

We don’t become overweight overnight. It’s an accumulation of consuming more food and drinks than we our bodies can burn. In order to lose weight, we need to shift that balance by burning more than our consumption.
When you’re hungry, your body is really craving minerals. Now it’s important to know, that you can feed your body tons of minerals that doesn’t include many calories. The less you calories you eat, the more weight you’ll lose. Remember you’ll have way less appetite when you eat higher mineral rich foods. You may also consider the use of an appetite suppressant if you will power is weak. There are many on the market, one such example is Xenadrine, it’s been around awhile and seems to get positive reviews. You can check out more at this website www.xenadrineadvisor.com

Difference Between Men and Women

Anatomically and physiologically speaking, women are different from men in the sense that men burn more calories than women. If a man and a woman of comparable size are eating the same amount of calories and exercising for the same amount of time, the man will lose weight faster than a woman. To achieve the same results, the woman will have to reduce intake to get the same weight loss results.

The reason is simple and it’s two fold. Men have more testosterone in their body and men have more muscle mass. Yes muscle weighs more than fat but it also burns more calories than fat does. Estrogen is the “PMS, honey I’m craving bread” hormone. Testosterone is the “ambitious get things done” hormone. Men and women have both, so it’s important to create a balance.

Too Much Dieting

There is such a thing as too much dieting. If you lower your consumption, you’ll need to reduce your intake to an amount that will not lower your metabolism. Too much reduction in your intake may kick in your body’s survival mechanism and put it in energy-saving mode. In other words, your metabolism will lower down which is the opposite of what you want.

Yo yo dieting also creates insulin spikes as the body constantly is in flux. It’s running on glycogen instead of healthy fats and proteins. This insulin (manages by your pancreas) causes havoc with your hormones and fat loss capabilities.

Boost Your Metabolism

Aside from increasing your workout time, there is a way to increase your energy consumption and that is by increasing your basal metabolic rate. To understand what it is, it’s more like your daily energy consumption if you just remained still. It’s the amount of energy your body requires in order to function properly. Many people don’t focus on their body temperature or getting their thyroid working properly in terms of weight loss.
There are a number of ways to boost your metabolism. You can address them through your intake as well as your exercise routines. According to some studies, dividing your meals into small parts and eating more frequently will boost your metablism. Be sure to divide what you normally eat though, otherwise you might end up eating more than you normally do.

Another popular method of increasing your metabolism is through interval training. There is an inherent property of interval training that pushing your body to its limit for a limited time and resting again and pushing it again that keeps your body’s furnace kicked into high gear for a long time.

Interval training simulates how we’d get exercise in a more natural environment, like if we were living in the jungle again. We’d stop and start. We’d go up and down. We’d hunt run very quickly and then stop to rest.
This really helps your body re-calibrate its metabolic rate.

Craig Ballantyne shows you the comparison between exercising and dieting. In a few minutes, the amount of energy expended in exercising is compared with how much is gained through eating.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to lose weight. You can do more workouts, you can lessen your food intake, or you can speed up your metabolism. It’s your choice how to get rid of fat. Pick one way to lose weight or you can pick more than one. By sticking to the basics, i’m sure you’ll lose weight. It’s only a matter of time.

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How Good Coconut Water Is

Coconut water has become a very popular drink now a days. It has also become a very good alternative for both soft drinks and hard drinks for many people everywhere. You will be surprised to know that, the economy of many countries is vastly depending on coconut export. Coconuts are very popular not just because of the power packed water inside but also because of other food values. Now question arises- it coconut water really good for you or is it consumed just because it is natural? Infact it is not only naturally it’s also incredibly clean and sterile whilst still contained within the shell. Let’s look just a little closer at this super drink and find out what are its properties and specific health uses:

Health Benefits of Coconut Water:

Coconut water contains a very little amount of fat. So, it is definitely not bad for health. But what’s good about it? Most important thing regarding coconut oil is that, it contains ascorbic acid, B-group vitamins, boron, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, sulfur and zinc. Each and every of these nutrients are very essential to build a strong and healthy human body. It is also a very good alternative of sugar. So, it is good drinks for the diabetic patients. Coconut water is completely free from cholesterol and low in carbohydrate. It doesn’t contain anything that is harmful for human health.

Coconut Water is better than Sports Drinks:

Sports drinks are often mixed with different chemicals. The calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and potassium that are found in sports drinks are added artificially and scientifically. But, all these elements are present in coconut water naturally. So, coconut water is definitely better than sports drinks. But, it is a matter of great regret that, the canned coconut water that are found in the market are often mixed with some chemicals to make its taste more delicious and color more fantastic. So, if you want to have coconut water as an alternative to artificial sports drinks we you have to find green plucked coconut.

Coconut Water Controls ageing problem:

According to many research papers conducted on the effectiveness of coconut water, it can ensure a youthful skin. So, definitely coconut water helps to control ageing problem. Scientists say that, coconut is rich in lauric acid, potassium, cytokines and antioxidants which are very helpful to ensure a youthful look. Apart from controlling ageing problem, coconut water can also reduce stretch mark, eczema, acne, age spot, cellulite and sagging skin. So, you should definitely understand how coconut water helps to maintain an attractive look.

Coconut Water Regulates Blood Pressure:

According to many researchers and medical professionals, coconut water is very helpful to develop proper blood circulation. So, indirectly, coconut water reduces the chance of blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Coconut Water is good for Digestion:

Don’t be surprised to know that, almost any digestive and urinary disorder can be solved by coconut water. It is very good for hydration and urine stream.

To conclude the article I must say, try to drink fresher coconut water. The fresher you can consume, the better it is for your health. Try to drink it without mixing any other ingredients like chemicals, lemon, soda or sugar. Trust me, you will definitely love it.

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Does Being Overweight Cause Hemorroids?

Does being overweight cause hemorroids is a smart question and the answer is yes on many levels. First of all the fact that those suffering from weight issues are not likely to be concerned with good diets they are usually lacking in adequate fiber intake which is important in avoiding hemorroids. Another issue is the lack of an active lifestyle can cause hemorroids. Carrying extra weight on the body can also impact the rectal veins and cause more swelling in the hemorroidal tissue which is an unfortunate side effect for those suffering from hemorroids while being overweight.

By choosing to lose weight and becoming more active a person can lessen the odds that they will suffer from hemorroids. Exercise is a very important factor in avoiding hemorroids and having a healthier lifestyle. It may take a while to see a difference but overall experts agree that those that are active and do regular exercise suffer less from hemorroids than those that do not. In other words, exercise won’t cure your hemorroids overnight but it will make a measurable difference if effort is given to become more active and exercise more.

Another important aspect of a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is eating a balanced diet. A balanced diet with adequate fiber intake is important for someone that has a special concern for good bowel movements. Straining during a bowel movement is a cause of hemorroids. Therefore by paying special attention to eating a healthy diet will not only aid in losing weight but bowel movements will become normal and hemorroid suffering can be avoided.

By losing weight the body no longer has to carry extra baggage around that causes problems on the rectal area when sitting. The extra weight can cause circulation problems in the rectal area which makes hemorroids much worse. Those with normal weight levels suffer less from hemorroids but when they do have them the condition is usually much less problematic than it is for someone that is overweight.

Being overweight and having hemorroids is usually a common relationship. So for those that are suffering from hemorroids and find themselves carrying extra weight just losing some weight can make a major difference. The healthier one’s lifestyle becomes the less likely they will continue to suffer from hemorroids. Even those that have long been overweight and have suffered from chronic hemorroids can find relief by choosing a better diet, exercising more, adding more fiber into the diet, and losing weight. The benefit from choosing a healthier lifestyle will not only impact the level of suffering from hemorroids but it will benefit one overall by helping them lose weight and become a healthier and happier person.

It goes a long way to offer the advice that if you are overweight and suffering from hemorroids that you must be patient. Relief will not come overnight from either condition. Instead plan on making the needed changes to both treat the hemorroids for healing and finding relief from the current pain they cause as well as making the changes to live a healthier lifestyle to avoid any more incidents in the future. So being overweight can cause hemorroids but the good news is that change is possible to both lose weight and end hemorroid suffering.

You need to think holistically when it comes to the problem of hemorroids, because they are symptomatic of inner health problems. The old adage “you are what you eat” holds true in this case. An improved diet high in fibre, plenty of water and yes - regular exercise. If this all sounds too much then take a look at some natural solutions like Venapro. This all natural solution has received many rave reviews. You can find out all you need to know about Venapro here.

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Recommended Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a chronic lung disease which can affect people of all ages. More than 22 million worldwide suffer from asthma. You can have an asthma attack at any time especially if you are exposed to any elements that can trigger it. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be controlled.
Today, there is already a significant amount of treatment methods to prevent an attack and to avoid it from worsening. Asthma can be controlled with the proper treatments. These treatments can help reduce the frequency, severity and length of asthma attacks. There are different factors which cause asthma and knowing these factors also help in preventing you from experiencing an attack.

There are two types of asthma treatments: long-term control and quick-relief medications. Long-term control medications need to be taken every day. Its main purpose is to control persistent asthma. It also helps in controlling the inflammation of the airways. A person with asthma tends to have a more sensitive airway and anything that passes through it can cause irritation.

Examples of long-term control medications include Inhaled Corticosteriods (fluticasone), long-acting beta-2 agonists, LABAs (salmetarol), Leukotriende modifiers (montelukast), Cromolyn and Nedocramil, and Theophylline.

Meanwhile, quick-relief medications or what is also called rescue medications are taken to rapidly relieve symptoms during an asthma attack. The medication helps relax the bronchial smooth muscle. Examples include short-acting beta-2 agonists (albuterol), Ipratropium (atrovent), and oral and intravenous corticosteroids.
For allergy-induced asthmas, medications include Immunotheraphy, in which patients are given allergy-desensitization shots to gradually reduce the immune system’s reaction to allergens. Aside from Immunotherapy, patients may also be given Anti-IgE monoclonal antibodies.

Aside from the two types of medications, your doctor may also prescribe a different set of medicines. Some patients, especially those who experience severe asthma attacks, may even be prescribed steroid tablets. If the standard treatments are not suitable for you, or you may have side-effects to some medicines and your asthma attacks are still not controlled, tablets such as monteluklast (Singulair), zafirlukast (Accolate) or Theophylline (Slo-Phyllin) are prescribed. Another asthma treatment that is most commonly used is the nebuliser, which is composed of water and asthma medicine that is used to breathe in.

Just like any other disease, it is best to consult your doctor for proper diagnosis. Your doctor can determine the mildness or severity of your asthma and can prescribe a treatment plan that you can follow. Never prescribe a medicine on your own, as this can only make matters worse. Aside from your medications, you should also be aware of any triggers and how to avoid it. Regularly visit your doctor for updates and tips on what and what not to do during an attack. You may also use a peak flow meter which will help you determine how forcefully you are able to exhale. Your doctor can teach you the proper way of using it.

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How to Lower High Cholesterol & Lower Your Blood Pressure

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Continues to be Almost Synonymous for the Last Half-Century
Before we can begin to talk about the true cause and effective to the heart and blood vessel condition, we must first look at what exactly is known, or I should point out what we think we know.
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Raw Food And A Healthy Digestion

raw-food.jpg One of the hot current fads in health and wellness is living raw food. This iachieved through incorporating fresh and raw fruits and vegetables in the diet to promote a healthy lifestyle. The value of living raw foods can be very beneficial to humans as it may be the healthiest choice and the best alternative to our current unhealthy diets. Obesity is on the rise and its complications can be fatal and debilitating to our lives. From diabetes to cancers to death, your choice will be endless for consumption and too much processing of the foods we eat.
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